Prime Fruits International Inc. is a 100% Filipino-owned company engaged in the manufacture and export of banana chips. Prime Fruits' corporate values embody its vision as a leading player in the business of food export, and as a significant contributor to the growth of Philippine exports and to livelihood improvement in the countryside.

With a leadership that has transcended various stages of growth, transitions and market developments, Prime Fruits international, Inc. is managed by competent and professional experts who guided its growth from inception. True to its commitment to hard work and systematic approach that spelled milestones of success in its operations, the company continues to dedicate itself towards delivery of quality products and services to its international clientele. It is with great pride that famous global brands in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia-Pacific carry Prime Fruits banana chips products from the Philippines.

Quality Management

Prime Fruits International, Inc. is dedicated to producing only the best and finest Banana Chips to ensure that our customers are satisfied and gets the best value out of our products. This is why our company strives for continuous improvement and pursues strict implementation of Quality Management to ensure that our products are not only excellent in taste but also safe for enjoyable consumption. Prime Fruits International is ISO 22000:2005, KOSHER, and HALAL certified and practices CODEX-HACCP based Food Safety Management System. With an innovative management that creates relevant, updated policies in support of technology and equipment upgrade and human resources' skills empowerment, we scaled up our customized service as we continue to be our clients' most reliable and dependable manufacturing partner in the Philippines.

Company Operations

Located in the heart of vast banana plantations in the province of Davao, southern Philippines, Prime Fruits' manufacturing operations flourish with the year-round abundance of raw material and available work force. Volume harvests of fresh mature green fruits of SABA (Musa sapientum var Saba) and CAVENDISH (Musa sapientum var Cavendish) are delivered regularly by accredited farm owners and suppliers. These are peeled and processed within 24 hours to yield the finished product--banana chips--in various forms and formulations as required.

The raw material, in various stages of processing, undergoes strict monitoring for adherence to quality standards. Overall sanitation and hygiene and carried out under the principles of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). To ensure product safety, strict implementation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is undertaken, and regularly monitored and audited. Proper documentation, updating of records and prompt recording are encouraged for real-time delivery and assessment of data and recoveries.

Equipment upgrade is a continuing program to achieve optimum operation efficiency. Review of plant operations is likewise a continuing process to determine cost-effective methods, facilities' improvement, and equipment that are necessary for better delivery of quality products and services.

Prime Fruits' manufacturing facilities are strategically located within reasonable distance from the Davao City international port and other relevance service providers which facilitate procurement and movement of goods.


Our manufacturing team is a composed of technical experts who work together towards achievement of the company's goals and targets in servicing its discerning clientele. They supervise daily operations according to GMP principles and in adherence to the HACCP program, and undergo regular training for relevant technical and market trends updates.

Prime Fruit's human resource program ensures the constant supply of quality manufacturing workforce. Re-training and refresher programs are regularly conducted in the company to keep the workforce abreast with the company's desired standards in sanitation, productivity and quality of service. Moreover, the company's team-building programs for the manufacturing team and workforce are aimed to maximize individual competencies as well as inculcate good work values and habits that eventually become an integral part of the family and immediate community surrounding the plant.